Roof Rage is a Martial Arts Platform Fighter featuring epic rooftop battles. Couch play up to 8 players or 1vs1 online.


Roof Rage development started end of 2015, back then I was working on various prototypes for a fighting game, the main idea was to have a game with a great scale and variety. Once I found the gameplay and style I was looking for, I focused on graphics and animations. It quickly became a passion for pixelart and animation as I was creating sprites, levels, effects etc. I eventually became a father along the way and somehow managed to finish the game. Pentadrangle joined me (I begged) and created awesome 16bits tracks for the game.





Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in Multiplayer" Busan Indie Connect, 2017
  • "Sponsor Award WEGL" Busan Indie Connect, 2017